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Gem therapy is used for bringing wealth, longevity, power and also to combat diseases. When gem stones come in contact with human body, they infuse rays into it to balance between deficiency and excess. Different gem stones represent different planets. It is necessary to wear gemstone in the guidance of a learned astrologer to derive its benefits; otherwise it may bring bad luck and ill effects.

Yellow sapphire gemstone represents the planet Jupiter, which is the largest planet in solar system. It is also known as Pukhraj in India. The colour of pure Yellow sapphire is the perfect blend of the yellow of sunset evening and red of lotus flower.

Benefits of Yellow sapphire

The yellow sapphire gemstone makes your Jupiter stronger and has positive impact on your life. Jupiter is called Guru or teacher as per Hindu mythology. A strong Jupiter attracts good fortune in fields of teaching, professorship, law, trade, business etc. Pukhraj or Yellow sapphire also play a vital role in reducing marital confects and help couple to live peaceful life. It has vital influence in eradicating throat and thyroid diseases. It also brings positive results to childless couples wishing to have their own children.

Significance of Wearing Original Gemstones

Wearing original and pure gemstone in the guidance of a learned astrologer is necessary to get positive results and avoid negative results of gem therapy. In order to recognise the originality and purity of a yellow sapphire, it is essential to consider that yellow sapphire is one of the hardest known minerals till date. It is not possible to scratch it even by steel. It can be scraped only by diamond. One of the ways of determining its purity is that if you will place Yellow sapphire in milk for a day, it wont show any color changes,. If your sapphire changes colours, looks dull or has scratches, it is impure Yellow sapphire and may bring bad lack, poor health and other ill effects.

Mr. Rajat Nayar has mastery over gem therapy. Over the past 33 years he has helped millions in living a better life by the means of his astrological advice and remedial actions based on gem therapy and Vedic astrology. Get the best consultation for wearing right kind of gems to improve your life.

Some people feel that for marriage related issues, pregnancy related complications, child birth related problems or for conceiving related issues, yellow sapphire is very helpful but this is not at all true as there are millions of cases where the carrots of the stones was wrong, many cases where the colour of the gemstone was wrong, so please consult a good, learned and genuine astrologer before wearing the gemstones.





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