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In the last couple of years, an alarming rise in infertility rates has been witnessed. However the cases of infertility are not just confined to women rather male infertility is also in great rise these days. Studies indicate that increased cases of stress and obesity are the main reasons behind infertility. Lack of physical exercise, unhealthy eating habits and pollution are the basic reasons of increased stress and obesity cases. When in comes to comparison, nearly a third of infertility problems occur due to female infertility. A womens ability to become pregnant occurs when she enters puberty and begins to menstruate.

Every other day, Mr. Rajat Nayar encounters several couples suffering with barrenness problem. Disheartened or dispirited couples visit or consult Mr. Rajat Nayar for an astrological solution to their problem. Besides being world famous astrologer, palmist, gemologists, vastu expert, Mr. Rajat Nayar also holds immense knowledge of menstruation astrology and utilizing the same he has helped millions of couples worldwide with infertility problem through genuine astrology jyotish vedic scientific remedies.

Menstruation pain or menstruation cramps are quite common complains you might hear from a menstruating woman. An average woman has 28 days of menstrual cycle, even though some have longer and shorter cycles. A womans ovaries release one egg or more in the middle of her menstruation cycle. If a lady has regular menstruation cycle (of 28 days) then ovulation occurs on that particular date of the cycle. However, it is tough to pinpoint one exact date when woman can get pregnant. But the most fertile days of a woman lies between a fixed to other fixed day, depending on the planetary position of an individual, wherein one to be the first day a woman gets menstrual blood.

Apart from providing best astrological solutions to the clients, Mr. Rajat Nayar also offers astrological conceiving tips to the couples. He makes them aware about the basics of sperm and egg, signs of ovulation, mucous changes, avoiding additional lubricants during intercourse, appropriate sexual positions etc. As per astrology, menstrual cycle disorders in women have a huge relation with the positioning of the Moon and Mars. A females uterus, fallopian tubes and ovary are governed by the planets. While, some planets start the flow by causing the breakage of the uterine tissue but the actual flow and duration is controlled by the fixed planets.

Millions of couples all over the world consult him just before or after their marriage to know the best conceiving period of their life so that they may bear healthy child/children, baby boy/baby girl, male/female child. This helps them to avoid unnecessary complications in life and enjoy the life according to their satisfaction.





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