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A pearl gemstone which is traditionally called as Moti gemstone.A pearl is a hard object made up of calcium carbonate.The finest quality natural pearls have been highly valued as gemstones and objects of beauty. As per the world famous astrologer Mr. Rajat Nayar, It is a cold gem which enhance the powers of moon which in turns signifies mother, softness, generosity, charming eyes, steady mind. The natural pearl is one of the most beautiful gems of organic origin and has a unique appeal. Its soft appearance and gentle glow about it, lends it a feminine charm. The natural Pearl / moti/ muktais the gemstone of Moon / Chandra graha, the feminine element.

Pearl is a highly valued gemstone with its rounded forms and its brilliance; there are pearls that are considered as precious stones.Pearl is the symbol of beauty and feminine perfection is compared with all the qualities of women as fertility, gentleness, and purity. Buy Moti Gemstone Online as it brings shine in the life of everyone lightens the life with its reflection.

Pearl gemstone or Basra moti or South Sea Pearl has its unique features like Moon like shining white color, perfectly round, globular shape and size, compactness, luster, soft touch and view, eye catching reflection, spotlessness and free from blemishes and impurities. Purchase Moti Gemstone Onlineas there are many misconceptions that it defends from many abdominal diseases, increases intelligence and learning capacity. In some cases, it works for the people possessing health hurdles of eyes, throat, heart, general disease and physical weakness. Like a moon pearl gives shine to a life.

Apart from disease pearl gemstone benefitsto a few people in business associated with arts, medicines, medicinal oils, perfumes, milk, oil, beverages, ship building, exports and imports, vegetables and flowers . People associated with manufacturing stationery, sports items, make up items will benefit from pearl.

Pearl should be worn very cautiously as it gives suicidal tendencies which is very dangerous for our precious life. So, one should always consult an educated astrologer, gemologist before wearing a Pearl.

Rajat Nayar does not sell Lucky birth stones, gems or customized pendants, these gems or divisional as well as sub divisional based specialized pendants are available to his valuable clients only on very special request to those who have full faithon him.






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