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A Yellow Sapphire which is traditionally called as Pukhraj Gemstone is a naturally occurring Gemstone, consisting of corundum (aluminium oxide), according to the Pukhraj Gemstone Astrology it harmonizes and benefits Jupiter, the largest planet in the solar system. As per the famous astrologer, gemologist Mr. Rajat Nayar, pukhraj also signifies knowledge, virtue, fortune, justice, education, religion, wisdom, philosophy, devotion, distant travel, truthfulness, spirituality and charity.

It is also called as padparadscha in Sanskrit, and usually known in India as Pukhraj Gemstone, the colour of the yellow sapphire Gemstones has been considered as the perfect amalgam of the yellow sunset evening with the red lotus flower. Pukhraj are known for their extreme hardness next only to the diamond, Pukhraj Gemstone are known to be the most beneficial gemstone in the vedic astrology of India, you can Buy Pukhraj Gemstone Online to enhance your wisdom, fortune along with eternal bliss.

The yellow Pukhraj Gemstones are connected to the planet Jupiter. Jupiter being the largest planet in the complete solar system is associated with good luck and prosperity. The biggest benefit of Pukhraj is to propel a person towards joy and fulfilment, as Jupiter is rightly called as the Guru (teacher) in Hindu mythology, the wearer can especially bring himself the good fortune in the fields of teaching, law, all kinds of trade, business etc.

The Pukhraj is also sometimes associated with fertility and a lifetime marriage. Purchase Pukhraj Gemstone Online It is a misconception that it is supposed to be beneficial for unmarried individuals who are looking for stability in marriages, and also for all married couples for peace and for solving all marital conflicts. When it comes to ailments some are of the misconception that the Yellow Pukhraj, in touch with the wearer's skin has powerful effect in eradicating throat and other thyroid problems. The yellow Pukhraj gemstone, upon being bought and carved, might also carry some negative energy, so it is best to detoxify the gem by dipping it in water overnight.

Rajat Nayar does not sell birth stones, gems or customized pendants, these gems or divisional as well as sub divisional pendants are available to his valuable clients only on very special request to those who have full faith on him.






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