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Ruby Gemstone represents that planet Sun. Its Indian name is Manic and it is associated with Manipura Chakra or Naval chakra as per natural sciences. It is generally recommended to people with Strong or Malefic Sun as per Ruby stone astrology. It brings happiness and spark in humans nature and ward off depression, anxiety and sadness. It is also believed that Ruby has great influence in protecting an individual from evil spirits. It has also strong impact on improving ones financial condition. Original and pure ruby gemstones tend to induce creativity, wisdom and love.

Ruby Gemstone Benefits:

  • Wearing ruby gems in rings/pendant under the guidance of a learned astrologer pacifies the malefic effects of Sun and brings positive effects. If anyone has malefic or benefic Sun in their birth chart as well as divisional and sub divisional charts , they can wear ruby to eradicate its ill effects and derive benefits.
  • There is a misconception that Ruby is considered to be effective in curing stomach related diseases as it is associated with Manipura Chakra or Naval chakra of the body as per natural sciences.
  • Some astrologers have this wrong belief that Ruby Stones are also considered to be helpful in earning name, fame, prosperity, wealth and good health. Improved blood circulation is one of the vital benefits of wearing ruby.

Ruby Gemstone should either be set in gold, silver or bronze to derive positive effect. It is very important to wear any gem stone under the guidance of a learned astrologer to derive its benefits and avoid ill effects. If you are planning to buy ruby stone online, it is also worth to note that only original and pure gem stones should be worn to get positive results. Wearing impure gemstones can bring poor health and negative effects. One should purchase ruby stone online only from reputed and genuine astrologer.

Mr. Rajat Nayar is one of the best and renowned astrologer in India helping humanity with his exceptional astrological knowledge and reliable predictive capabilities. For any consultation on Vedic remedies through gem therapy, specialised customized pendants please feel free to contact us.




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