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Gem therapy is a great way to improve and enhance your life. It has been proven over ages that gem therapy works effectively in curing the disease, calming the mind and bringing happiness, health and prosperity in ones life. An experienced gemmologist or astrologer or gem therapy expert is the right person to be consulted to derive benefits from gem therapy. Mr.Rajat Nayar has expertise in providing effective guidance in improving life through the appropriate use of gem therapy. Over the past 33 years, he has helped millions with his accurate astrological predictions and effective remedial measures based on gem therapy and Vedic rituals.

Emerald Stone Astrology

As per Vedic astrology, Emerald gemstone brings good health, happiness and other positive effects in the lives of people having specific sun sign and planetary positions. Emerald is associated with planet mercury. It is beneficial for people with favourable or malefic mercury as per astrology. It represents the Anaharta chakra or heart Chakra as per natural sciences.

Emerald is symbol of love and generosity. It is also considered as stone of prophecy. It is also believed to bring the best benefit if it is properly seen by your learned astrologer. The best quality emerald stone is found in the mines of Scotland and Zambia. Columbian emerald is also counted among the premium quality and genuine emerald stone. The colour of genuine Emerald usually varies from light to dark green. It is recommended to get your Emerald gem stones tested in any gem lab to know its purity.

Emerald stone is generally worn as a part of jewellery such as beads, pendants, earrings, rings and stones. It is believed to bring love, compassion and caring in relationships. It also enhances spiritual energies and brings peace and harmony in life. Emerald gemstone is also helpful in overcoming physical problem like problems of the bowel, stomach and rheumatism in elderly people. Being associated with Heart Chakra, it is effective in curing the digestive and nervous systems. Emerald induces creativity and is effective for sportsmen, athletes and creative people.

A gemmologist, astrologer or Chakra expert should be consulted to derive benefits by wearing emerald gem stone. It is also important to buy genuine gem stones from reputed vendors. If you are planning to buy Emerald gemstone online, make sure to conduct an extensive research to find reliable astrologer to purchase emerald gemstone online. For astrological consultation or advice on wearing gem stones, feel free to contact.

Please do not wear Emerald without consulting an educated astrologer as this gemstone has the power to do nervous breakdown if worn in wrong carrots or worn in faulty colour.






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