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Are you interested in enhancing the quality of your life?

Do you want to keep negative energies at bay and attract lots of positive energies?

Mr Rajat Nayar, ace celebrity astrologer, online palmist, vastu and fengshui consultant offers guidance to ward off negativities from your commercial premise as well as your home to create a harmonious atmosphere that attracts good fortune, good health and prosperity.

Vastu Shastra is an Indian science related to architecture. Vastu rules are based on directions, earth’s magnetic field, and five elements in addition to the spiritual notion of Vastu Purush. Constructing a home or a commercial space according to vastu plans enables us to get mental peace, health as well as wealth making our life happy and prosperous.

Mr Rajat Nayar is an authority in the field of Vastu India. His expertise in providing as well as suggesting remedies without demolition has earned him reputation and fame not only among business circles and political circles but among Bollywood celebrities and television stars as well. Millions of common people in India, Dubai, Singapore, New York, London, Canada as well as most of the celebrities have faith in him and they invite RajatNayarji for a vastu visit so that they can correct defects and create a vastu house/home.

Bollywood Vastu Ideas

Avoid any cut in your house or office. This creates instability in your personal life as well as professional life. Kitchens as well as toilets should never be located in the bad directions. It tends to bring loses or financial troubles. Ensure that the main door of your home/ house/or factory is not in the wrong direction. According to Bollywood vastu consultant expert Rajat Nayar your main door should be well lighted and should be well decorated. This attracts positive energies as well as abundance and prosperity.

Ensure that your house is has proper air circulation and good water source. Keep plants, water elements and television away from your bedroom. Building the rooms of your house in shape of circle, oval or triangle is not advisable.

Rajat Nayar ji sees that your house or work space is build in accordance with vastu principles so as to bring every fortune and material benefit into your life.

You can contact best vastu shastra consultant Rajat Nayar for Interior planning, color schemes etc to bring harmony in your life.







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