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Are you looking for the best online astrologer in Seattle? Mr. Rajat Nayar is the best and the most recognized names in Vedic astrology. He makes accurate predictions and reads good horoscope. Unlike other astrologers, Mr. Rajat Nayars forecasts are not repetitive and also fit the astrological climate. Besides Vedic astrology, Mr. Rajat Nayar also holds experience in Nadi Astrology, Mayan Astrology etc. He is also ranked one of the best numerologists Seattle as he has helped many carve their success stories. Numerology is a science of numbers that holds power to change fortunes from poverty to prosperity. Rajat Nayar has helped millions of individuals, businesses and establishments by providing them amazing numerology results with a slight correction or alteration of name.

Rajat Nayar ji is also best online Vastu consultant Seattle as his astrological as well vastu solutions methods are totally different from other astrologers. He makes numerological analysis after considering the position of all planets in all divisional and sub divisional charts of an individuals horoscope. He always suggests best astro remedies to overcome negative planetary movement or negative situations of life via gemology, numerology, birth stones, and specialized scientific pendants.

Popular jyotish Seattle Rajat Nayar specializes in Vastu Shastra and provides vastu visit services to help people improve the structure of homes, offices, shops, factories, and other commercial places. He also recommends variety of vastu remedies and Feng Shui tips to get the best results of Vastu science. Over the past 33 years, Rajat Nayar is recognized as the top-most jyotish across the world. Famous jyotish Seattle has helped millions of individuals, corporate utilizing his effective remedial measures such as use of appropriate gem stones and birth stones, name balancing, minor alterations in signature, Feng Shui tips, wearing of customized pendants and color therapy. People consult world famous astrologer Seattle Rajat Nayar, best Vedic astrologer in USA, for services like perfect life predictions, general predictions, match making and to name a few.






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