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Remedial measures are essential element of Indian astrology. They guide human beings to take right actions to improve and enhance their life. Astrology provides remedial actions for almost all problems of our lives such as health, diseases, family problems, career, marriage, profession and more. It provides remedial actions based on Vedic prayers, gem therapy, color therapy and many such natural sciences. These sciences have proven to be helpful in bringing good health, happiness and prosperity in the lives of the individuals. Gem therapy is one of the vital branches of astrology that deals with improving ones life by wearing appropriate gem stones.

Pearls are gemstones capable of bringing positive changes in an Individuals life. These pearls are known by many different names such as Basra pearl, White pearl gemstone, south sea pearl etc. The Basra pearl is also known as Moti in India represents the planet moon, the deity that rules over water element. It is related to Zodiac sign Cancer and Swathisthana chakra. The Basra pearl gems are known for its physical and mental healing effects. These pearls are available in different shapes and colours. These gemstones bring health, wealth, prosperity and happiness in life. As per astrology, pearl should be worn if your horoscope is calculates Moon as a weakest planet. It also helps in overcoming negative attitude, psychological sickness and anger management.

In order to derive benefits from pearls, it is highly recommended to wear them under the guidance and instructions of a good, educated and learned astrologer. One should avoid buying fake pearls or pearls having spot, extremities of colours, crack and lack of lustre. Such pearls may give rise to bad luck, poor health or other ill effects. If you are planning to buy pearl gemstone online, you should conduct an adequate research to find the reliable suppliers. One should purchase pearl gemstone online only from reputed and renowned vendors.

Mr. Rajat Nayar is a well known astrologer in India who has helped millions with astrological remedies based on Gem therapy as well special pendants. His accurate horoscope calculations and effective measures have helped many to live a happier life. He has exceptional expertise in gem therapy. With his 33 long years of research and expertise in gem therapy, he is capable of bringing positive changes in his clients lives by suggesting appropriate remedial actions. If you want to have advice for wearing gem stone or special customized pendant you can consult Mr. Rajat Nayar by phone, email or can also get email consultation.






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