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Vedic astrology is the science that can enhance the value of your life. It cannot completelyeradicate the struggles of your life but an astrological path can guide you to move in the right direction to get the better results. Conceiving problems have become common nowadays. Unhealthy life style, stressful living and lack of proper prayers are few things that contribute to delay in a birth of a child. However, one strong determinant of a birth of child is the positioning of stars and planets in your horoscope as per Vedic astrology. Good as well as Genuine Vedic astrologers find out the positioning of planets affecting prospects of having children in ones horoscope and provide the right remedial measures to overcome it.

Even if you are planning to have children through IVF and IUI methods, which are common nowadays, it is strongly recommended to consult any knowledgeable astrologer to get the best results. For instance, an IVF astrologer can suggest you lucky astrological IVF datesand IVF calendar based on IBF calculator to get the positive results. Many women are not able to conceive even after spending money and time extensively on IVF methods. And more than money, it is really disheartening when your dream of becoming parents is shattered.

RajatNayar, a popular celebrity online TV astrologer is offering valuable astrological services to help people in living better life. He also possesses expertise in Child birth and IVF astrology. Over the past 33 years, he has helped millions of young generation as well as old generation couples to get effective advice in matters related to fertility, conception, impotency, erectile dysfunction, child birth and adoption. By having an astrologer examine all the divisional as well as sub divisional charts ofyour horoscope very minutely, you can get valuable advice and appropriate astrology remedies for the best results of advanced techniques like IUI and IVF. If you wish to have best results for a male/female child, baby boy/baby girl from advanced fertility treatments, it is highly recommended to approach a learned vedicastrologer like Mr RajatNayar for astrological advice.






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