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Financial astrology is considered to be a very rare profession where everything depends upon precise timing. According to Rajat Nayar, one of the best known astrologers in India, it is the planetary position in an individualís horoscope that determines his or her prospects in the stock market. In fact, even the share market is influenced by the planets and every single planet reflects a particular stock. There are many investors who use astrology as a tool to time their trades and choose stocks that can outperform in the market place. Most big as well as small investors consult Rajat Nayar ji before taking any decision. Some of the top stock analysts and brokers use his services to improve their forecasting ability.

Effective Market Tips

It is said that planets like Neptune and Uranus play an important role in the share bazaar for an individual while other planets determine what the price of a particular stock is and which way it will move. Rajat Nayar provides stock market tips that help a large number of investors. His expertise of the commodity market helps an individual investor or a corporate entity determine when to make an investment, the right time frame for earning maximum gains. According to him, one should make his or her investments at the right time and take the right decisions based on the individualís numerological and astrological charts. He makes use of financial astrology to provide effective share market tips that help you take the right decision at the right time.

Financial Consultant

Today, millions of people are interested in the stock market and invest in shares, stocks, derivatives and commodities. However, not everybody has the expertise to succeed in this arena. World famous tv astrologer Rajat Nayar offers sound stock market tips to such people based on their individual horoscopes. He also offers exclusive consultations for commodity markets as well as mutual funds. Millions of investors consult him for his expertise in stock market predictions and also to determine investing in which sector will provide maximum returns. His commodity market tips have helped clients invest wisely and earn greater returns. No wonder then, leading Bollywood actors, actresses, models, cricketers, industrialist, businessmen and others consult him before investing their money in any market worldwide.

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