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Gomed is the Indian name for the Hessonite Gemstone. Hessonite is a known garnet derivative; its source of origination is from calcium aluminium silicate. Hessonite Gemstones are usually reddish orange or pale yellow orange. It's frequently referred as the 'Rahu Ratna' in traditional Indian language this is because of its long standing association with the Vedic planet of Rahu a lunar node of intersection between the moon and the sun. The Hessonite gemstone takes its chemical composition from grossularite.

According to the world famous astrologer Mr. Rajat Nayar, best gemologist in the world, hessonite is a Jyotish gemstone of Rahu (Caput Draconic or Dragon's Head). Rahu makes its natives detrimental, mutinous, reckless and secretive. Hessonite Gemstone ensures relief from the malefic effects of Rahu. It clears the confusion in ones mind and gives stability in daily life and at the same time enhances positive energy of Rahu to some people according to the individual horoscope. Rahu gemstone ring is very useful for those who want to get success in the field of law practice, court affairs, and important political spheres and to achieve the ability to win at gambling, Buy Hessonite Gemstone Online and embark your journey to success and achieve the desired results. But, Please do not wear Hessonite without the guidance of a learned and experienced astrologer as it can ruin your life also.

Enemies cannot stand longer before the wearer of Hessonite Gemstone ring. It also known to remove fear, creates clarity in mind, and helps spiritual growth. Black Magic also in some cases cannot affect the one who wears this ring. According to the Hessonite Astrology one who has a fear of snakes and snake bites, accidents and other injuries can be safe by wearing this gemstone after seeing the divisional as well as sub divisional charts of the horoscope. Hessonite removes obstacles and also brings favour from the government agencies. Purchase Hessonite Gemstone Online as it also overcomes, in some cases, suspicious mind and nature and it cures various skin problems, phobias, insanity etc.

Brazil, Sri Lanka and India are the major sources of Hessonite Gemstones production all over the world.

Rajat Nayar does not sell gems, gemstones or pendants, these gems are available to his valuable clients only on very special request to those who trust him.






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