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The word Vedic is derived from Sanskrit word Vedas, which means a broad aspect of knowledge and lightening on each and every aspect of human life. It is more than 7000 year old branch of astrology. Astrology is a pure ancient science whose principles holds true even in todays world. It reveals facts about every individuals past, present and future on the basis of his birth chart and planetary movements examined by a learned astrologer. In India, people generally follow astrology for taking all important decisions like deciding the name of a new born, marriage, business investment, career and more. Astrology has proven to be helpful in curing diseases and finding solutions for all problems of an individuals life. Many people follow Tantra astrology to seek solutions for their problems. However, Tantrik Mantra is a distorted version of the religion. It is non Vedic astrology, which is not linked with ancient Vedic sages. It is a non Vedic culture which has hazardous impact on peoples life. One should avoid getting help from fraud or fake Tantrik astrologer or Tantrik baba.

Mr. Rajat Nayar is qualified new age astrologer possessing qualifications and qualities to help humanity with his accurate and reliable predictions. He is blessed with exceptional knowledge of Vedic astrology and strong intuitive power to make reliable predictions. He holds an exceptional expertise in Vedic astrology, gem therapy, customized specialised pendants, Vaastu Shastra and numerology. He suggests remedial actions to overcome life problems through gemstones, birthstones, special pendants, Vaastu consultation, Feng Shui tips, numerology and gems. He is followed by many eminent personalities like film stars, actors, actresses, sportsmen, cricketers, industrialists and businessmen. If you are seeking astrological consultation, get the right astrological advice from Mr.Rajat Nayar. You can get consultation through phone or personal meeting. Rajat Nayar is the Best remedial vedic astrologer in the world.





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